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After abuse at Racing Louisville, Erin Simon wants to make soccer ‘a safe place’

(Aaron Doster/USA TODAY Sports)

Former Racing Louisville defender Erin Simon hopes that the recent publication of the results of the investigation into the NWSL can help make soccer a safer place, she said in an Instagram post Wednesday.

Simon, who now plays with England’s Leicester City, was sexually abused by former Racing coach Christy Holly during her time with the club. The report details multiple incidents in which Holly groped her and made unwanted sexual advances.

The club later Holly in August 2021, but stated in a release that he was “fired for cause” and did not elaborate. Details of his abuse of Simon emerged this week as part of U.S. Soccer’s report into “systemic” abuse in the NWSL.

Teammates have since spoken out, with Brooke Hendrix detailing the powerlessness she felt when it came to helping Simon navigate the abuse. Other team members criticized the team for failing to take action against Holly until his misconduct elevated to sexual assault.

Simon thanked those who have supported her in her Instagram post.

“I would like to take a second in the midst of all of this chaos to send out a massive thank you – from the bottom of my heart,” Simon wrote. “This has not been an easy journey by any means. However, the outpouring of love and support I have received from so many people has given me more strength, hope, and motivation to continue moving forward towards making a change.”

Noting that she is “finally on the road to continual healing,” Simon also offered support to “anyone who needs someone to confide in.”

Simon called on those affected by the NWSL’s abuse scandal to become “a catalyst for change” in the sport.

“My prayer is that in all of this, every single person who has been impacted by what has come to light would challenge themselves to not give up on this game we love,” she wrote. “Instead, that we see this as an opportunity to be a catalyst for change. Let us be the voices who turn this sport back to a safe place we all deserve.”