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Current’s Lo’eau LaBonta calls creative goal celebrations ‘a fun challenge’

Current midfielder Lo'eau Labonta is tied for the team lead with six goals this season. (Amy Kontras/USA TODAY Sports)

Lo’eau LaBonta has turned heads this season with her goal scoring abilities – and with the celebrations that come after.

The Kansas City Current midfielder went viral in August for what could have earned a celebration of the year award, if the NWSL had one. After burying the ball in the back net, she faked an injury before busting out a dance move. For LaBonta, that moment was about making soccer “a little more fun.”

“I just think it brings a fun challenge to a game that should be fun,” LaBonta told the Wall Street Journal on Friday ahead of her team’s appearance in Saturday’s NWSL title game against the Portland Thorns.

The fake injury idea came out of a dare, as someone challenged her to copy a similar celebration performed by a player in Argentina.

“I said, ‘Bet,’” LaBonta said.

Since then, she’s showed off high-kick dance lines, head-banging, air golf and more, earning the moniker “Celly Queen.”

Last week. the 29-year-old told On Her Turf that it can be difficult at times to come up with celebrations, particularly if she scores early in a game.

“I have scored so early in a few games this year, I’ve done my celebration and thought, ‘Oh no, if I score again, what am I going to do?’” she said. “And I have no idea because as soon as I use one celly, I don’t think of another one until the day before (the next game). Some people think I put a lot of thought into it and I don’t.”

As soon as her initial celebration fake injury celebration went viral, she knew she was going to keep doing the celebrations that make her “so happy,” she said.

”I think I’ve always just wanted to celebrate,” she said. “I have the biggest passion for this sport and this just makes it even more fun.”