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NWSL Power Rankings: Portland Thorns still No. 1


Take some TNT and blow my previous power rankings to bits, because this past weekend was wild.

It turns out the Thorns aren’t invincible, and for as good as I was feeling last week, this week is not the case. We’ve had upsets galore, and honestly, at this point I might just rank every team with a shrug emoji and call it a day. If you would have told me two weeks ago that the current standings would see Louisville at the top of the table, I wouldn’t have believed you for a second. And yet here we are. 

Here’s another attempt to organize the chaos. I may have been off the mark before, but this time… well, see for yourself:

10. Chicago Red Stars (-2)

I know. Especially after rebounding and getting the tie at Gotham — this feels harsh. However, they probably deserved to lose (shoutout to the crossbar) and are the only team to have not scored a goal this season. 

9. Kansas City (-)

Kansas City has to be feeling pretty good after the stoppage time tie against the Dash. Mallory Weber is also proving she can be the player to play alongside AROD. I’m not fully convinced this line up as is will be a playoff contender, but they’re certainly starting to show a solid foundation.

8. Washington Spirit (-2)

That loss to Louisville can’t feel great. They now head into tonight’s game against Houston with both teams desperately searching for their first win. (-2)

7. Racing Louisville (+3)

You couldn’t help but get chills when the hometown kid Emina Ekic scored in front of the supporter’s section to give Racing the lead. If they can beat Courage on Friday, I’ll really start to look at this team as a playoff threat.

6. Houston Dash (-3)

Houston hasn’t found their groove yet, but I still have faith. The talent is still there. It just seems like they’re missing the edge and mentality that made them so great last season. 

5. North Carolina Courage (-1)

The Courage are getting exposed at the back and their scoring threats aren’t doing enough to carry the team. They need to find ways to win until a few players return, even if it isn’t pretty. 

4. Orlando Pride (+3)

The Pride are riding high after winning in North Carolina. Paul Riley said it in a much more backhanded way, but the Pride are finally playing to the strengths of the best players on the field and exposing weak spots in their opponents. This is not the Pride of years past! 

3. Gotham FC (-1)

They deserved the win in Chicago (darn you, crossbar) and are still one of the best teams in the league. 

2. OL Reign (+3)

The Reign are good, and they’re only going to get better. It might be disrespectful to leave them below the Thorns here, but the Thorns have a friendlier upcoming schedule and always respond to a kick in the pants. 

1. Portland Thorns (-) 

They aren’t perfect. But if the loss to OL Reign reminds them that they can, in fact, lose at home if they don’t show up and finish their matches, it may only motivate the Thorns to bring their A game no matter the opponent. Do they deserve this No. 1 spot? Maybe not. Do I still think they’re the best team in the league? Yes.