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NWSL rejects Portland Thorns’ discovery claim for Olivia Moultrie


The Portland Thorns submitted a discovery claim on Olivia Moultrie, only for the move to be rejected by the NWSL on Friday.

The question over Moultrie’s claim comes days after the 15-year old was granted a temporary restraining order, allowing the teen to compete in the NWSL despite the league’s requirement that players be at least 18.

A discovery claim, like the one Portland submitted for Moultrie, doesn’t ensure a team will sign a player. However, the statute does allow for a team to put out a claim on a player that isn’t yet signed to a club or under contract with the league.

League spokesperson Mark Jones told the Oregonian in response to the claim rejection that clubs needed to establish “new child protective policies that will enable the introduction of minors into their team environments.”

U.S. District Judge Karin J. Immergut, who ruled on Moultrie’s case, set a call for Wednesday to address the NWSL’s discovery process and why the 15-year-old’s claim was denied.