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PHFPA parts ways with executive director Alex Sinatra after three weeks

(Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)

The Players’ Association of the PHF has parted ways with executive director Alex Sinatra, announcing the news on Friday.

Sinatra was in her role for only three weeks before the PHFPA terminated its relationship with the executive director.

“As players, we are dedicated to performing and representing ourselves and our teammates at the highest level on and off the ice for our fans, owners, and stakeholders,” the members of the Players’ Association said in their official statement.

According to SB Nation’s The Ice Garden, the move came after players grew unhappy with Sinatra’s representation of them to owners and the media.

Sinatra responded to the PHFPA’s announcement on Friday, Tweeting, “I respect their decision to move in another direction and wish them nothing but the best.

“My work and advocacy at the PA was always to advocate on behalf of the players with their best interests at heart,” said Sinatra, “I was never told by players that any of the appearances, interviews, or conversations I had with anyone were not what the players wanted until Jan. 27th.”

The search for a new executive director is currently underway, with the Players’ Association saying it will share more information at the appropriate time.