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Multiple PHF stars break $50K salary mark under increased cap

(Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)

Several Premier Hockey Federation stars will earn at least $50,000 for the upcoming season under the newly expanded salary cap, the league announced Thursday.

The salary details were revealed as part of a new salary disclosure policy agreed upon by the PHF and the PHF Players’ Association as part of the league’s “ongoing commitment to supporting its players and providing greater transparency,” the PHF said in its news release.

Players have the option to allow the public disclosure of their salary for the 2022-23 season. A total of 71 players have signed with teams in the PHF to date, and 18 players have agreed to disclose their salaries publicly.

Of those 18 players, Buffalo Beauts defender Dominique Kremer sets the benchmark for highest salary with a $65,000 AAV on a two-year contract. Beauts defender Jess Healey, Connecticut Whale defender Allie Munroe and Minnesota Whitecaps forward Jonna Curtis also will earn at least $50,000 for the upcoming season.

“This is another important step forward in the PHF’s growth and development and reflects the collaboration we value between league leadership, our athletes, the Players’ Association, the Board of Governors and general managers,” PHF commissioner Reagan Carey said in a statement. “The PHF’s new era is driven by our commitment to provide enhanced professional opportunities for women’s hockey players that includes historic salary cap increases. We are excited to add another layer of growth and transparency to our league operations and to continue to prioritize player autonomy.

“This policy supports all athletes equally and without any pressure or influence towards those who may choose to disclose their salaries, or anybody who may feel that confidentiality is in their best interest.”

The salary cap for the 2022-23 season is a record $750,000 per team. Back in May, Mikyla Grant-Mentis signed the largest professional contract for a women’s hockey player at a record $80,000 for the upcoming season, though the salary was not confirmed by the PHF.

Under the new salary disclosure policy, players also can opt to disclose the length of their contracts, estimated annual values and signing bonuses. This marks the first year in which players can sign two-year contracts with the PHF.

“We thoroughly discussed this issue among our player reps to canvas all potential benefits and drawbacks from the player’s perspective, and are encouraged by the collaborative process with Reagan and the League that led to this outcome,” PHFPA executive director Nicole Corriero said in a statement.

“Transparency of salaries can help set industry benchmarks and assist others with their own negotiation process, however every player’s experience and circumstance is unique, and it is understood and appreciated that not everyone wants nor benefits from disclosing personal information,” Corriero continued. “We wanted to work with the League on a policy that encourages and respects both of these mutually important considerations, and we’re pleased that the result of our collaboration provides options that may benefit all.”

The players who have agreed to disclose their salaries so far include:

  • Hannah Bates (CTW) — $25,000
  • Ashleigh Brykaliuk (MIN) — $45,000
  • Amanda Conway (CTW) — $40,000, includes $4,000 signing bonus
  • Jonna Curtis (MIN) — $50,000
  • Taylor Davison (TOR) — $23,360
  • Emilie Harley (MET) — $28,000
  • Jess Healey (BUF) — $57,000 AAV, includes $6,000 signing bonus
  • Tori Howran (CTW) — $49,500 AAV
  • Carly Jackson (TOR) — $29,375
  • Dominique Kremer (BUF) — $65,000 AAV, includes $6,500 signing bonus
  • Antonia Matzka (BUF) — $22,000
  • Allie Munroe (CTW) — $52,800 AAV, includes $10,560 signing bonus
  • Madi Nichols (BUF) — $13,500
  • Liz Schepers (MIN) — $45,000
  • Emma Vlasic (CTW) — $36,000
  • Alyssa Wohlfeiler (CTW) — $42,500
  • Emma Woods (TOR) — $44,340
  • Taylor Woods (TOR) — $31,145

“As the league continues to grow and move forward, I think it’s important that we take steps to emulate other professional sports leagues to show that the PHF is here to stay,” said Kremer, who also serves as the players’ association rep for the Beauts. “One way to do that is by disclosing the monumental increases in salaries for PHF players.

“Not only does it prove to people that the PHF is striding towards making professional women’s hockey a full time career, but also gives that younger generation of girls something to work towards for their future.”