Rory Dames blasts NWSL officiating


Red Stars head coach Rory Dames had some choice words for the officials after Chicago’s game against the Houston Dash on Saturday.

In his post-game comments, Dames pointed to a specific incident with Alyssa Naeher in which the referee incorrectly told the goalkeeper to continue play after Naeher caught the ball and put it at her feet in order to slow down the game.

Dames added that though there were specific problems with Saturday’s game, officiating has been an issue all season long, stating that he felt like the league was back in “year one.”

“The officiating is a big problem right now, and it’s something the league needs to address,” Dames said. “And do I think that we lost the game because of the referees tonight? Absolutely not… But it doesn’t mean that in every game we’ve played the referees have really struggled.”

An altercation between Morgan Weaver and Kristin Edmonds back in April instigated a conversation early in the season about officiating, one that has now persisted well into the year. An influx of late injuries like the one Trinity Rodman incurred in the Spirit’s May 21 game against Racing Louisville has only amplified chatter around the league’s referees.

Whether Dames will be fined or face disciplinary measures for his comments remains to be seen.