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Rory Dames lashes out at NWSL refereeing (again)


Rory Dames is hitting back at the NWSL’s refereeing once again, this time in reference to player safety.

Dames has been one of the most outspoken coaches when it comes to critiquing NWSL refereeing, having called for “some sort of level of consistency” back in July.

This time, Dames called out the lack of calls over aggressive tackles that he says “have no place in the league.”

“I know we have two players on crutches that probably have to get MRIs tomorrow,” he said. “On tackles that have no business being in the league, both of which were from behind, one was a blatant red, and I mean it’s the third one. It’s the third one!”

“If the thing you’re most excited about is yellow carding coaches because they’re defending their players, then you probably shouldn’t be a red in the middle of an NWSL game.”

Dames isn’t the only one to have lamented the NWSL’s refereeing.

Portland Thorns head coach Mark Parsons also called it “frustrating” after Morgan Weaver suffered an injury earlier this year.