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Sabrina Ionescu vs Steph Curry will take place on LED court

(Mike Lawrence/NBAE via Getty Images)

Sabrina Ionescu and Steph Curry will be facing off in their three-point contest on a special court.

This year’s NBA All-Star weekend will utilize a new, state-of-the-art LED glass court. Among its features are design and color changes, player tracking animations, live replays, real-time stats and interactive games for fans.

It’s the first time that the NBA will play on glass, although the actual All-Star game will take place on a wooden court.

“It gives us a little bit more range in what we can do as far as interactive graphics, reactionary graphics that happen on the floor, changing the floor design, changing the colors, really reacting to the play that happens on the court,” said Carlton Myers, an NBA senior vice president overseeing live production and entertainment. “So, we feel really, really good about the capabilities of what this gives us, what this provides us. And we think it’s going to be really impactful, both in the building and watching on television.”

The court was developed by German company ASB GlassFloor and has been used in events by FIBA, with the sport’s governing body approving its use for top-tier competitions in 2022.

The court made its FIBA debut at the U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup in July of last year.