Sue Bird says this is her last Olympics for Team USA


Following Team USA’s 81-72 preliminary-round win over Nigeria, their 50th straight victory at the Olympics, Sue Bird confirmed that the Tokyo Olympics would be her last.

Selected as one of two flag bearers for the U.S. at the opening ceremony, Bird, 40, is playing in her fifth Olympics and has already brought home four Olympic gold medals.

“After the last couple years, after Rio, at that point, I was, whatever, I was, 36 or so, people started asking questions about how much longer you’re going to play,” Bird told reporters after the game. “I always said I was going to take it year by year.

“As long as I was healthy and still playing at a high enough level, an elite level to be selected by the team, of course, I was going to accept that.”

When asked again if the Tokyo Olympics would be her last, she answered: “Yeah.”

Team USA coach Dawn Staley, who played with Bird at the 2004 Olympics, said to “never count Sue out.”

“I know she said that, but she continues to play and she continues to play well, and if it indeed is her last Olympics, I surely would like to send her off into the sunset, winning another gold medal for her,” Staley said.