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The Sweet Sixteen is set: here’s how to watch


The Sweet Sixteen is set for the 2021 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament. For the third straight tournament, the top eight seeds have all advanced. But there’s still a few upstarts looking to make some noise.

Here’s who’s playing and when and how to watch:


  • No. 5 Iowa vs No. 1 UConn: 1:00pm ET on ABC.
  • No. 6 Michigan vs No. 2 Baylor: 3:00pm ET on ABC.
  • No. 4 Indiana vs No. 1 NC State: 6:00pm ET on ESPN2.
  • No. 3 Arizona vs No. 2 Texas A&M: 8:00pm ET on ESPN2.


  • No. 5 Georgia Tech vs No. 1 South Carolina: 1:00pm ET on ABC.
  • No. 5 Missouri State vs No. 1 Stanford: 3:00pm ET on ABC.
  • No. 6 Oregon vs No. 2 Louisville: 7:00pm ET on ESPN.
  • No. 6 Texas vs No. 2 Maryland: 8:00pm ET on ESPN2.