U.S. Soccer responds to ‘concerning level of dishonesty’ in LFG

Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

With the premiere of “LFG” coming a little over a week ago, U.S. Soccer has finally responded. 

The federation took to Twitter to hit back at some of the claims made in the documentary, stating that “there is a concerning level of dishonesty about U.S. Soccer and the USWNT’s compensation that we feel must be addressed.”

U.S. Soccer went on to state that lawyer Jeffrey Kessler “presents a misleading and inaccurate account of the facts.”

“Kessler also alleges differences in hotel accommodations for the USWNT and USMNT, joking the USWNT stays at Motel 6,” later tweets read. “The facts: The USWNT consistently stays at some of the finest hotel properties in the world and has for 20 years.”

“Our USWNT and USMNT are among the highest paid in the world, with the USWNT making more than almost every men’s national team globally. We’re confident that working together we can reach an agreement that benefits everyone moving forward.”

“We remain committed to building on the success of our teams and continuing to grow soccer here in the U.S. at every level of the game.”

U.S. Soccer has maintained that the primary source of inequity between the two teams resides in the amount of prize money awarded by FIFA. Federation president Cindy Parlow Cone has gone so far as to say that making up the difference in the money would likely “bankrupt” the Federation. 

The tweets came on the heels of the announcement of the U.S. Women’s Olympic Team roster.