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Spain WNT will receive same percentage of bonuses as men’s team

The Spanish women’s national soccer team announced a new labor deal on Tuesday. (Aitor Alcalde Colomer/Getty Images)

The Spanish women’s national soccer team will receive equitable payment as part of a new five-year labor deal, the Spanish Football Federation announced Tuesday.

Players will receive a percentage of bonuses equal to the men’s team, and also will receive money from future sponsorships, image rights as well as improvements on the team’s working conditions. The deal will go into effect immediately.

“We have agreed with the Spanish Women’s National Team the amounts that will be allocated in bonuses and image rights during Euro 2022 and for the next five years,” the RFEF said in a statement. “Through the agreement, the bonuses received in percentages by the players are equal to those received by the [men].”

The agreement comes on the heels of the USWNT signing a new CBA that ensures equal pay with the men’s team. The U.S. teams will pool the World Cup bonuses received from FIFA and split them equally. The move counteracts the uneven payouts awarded by FIFA, which pays much more to men’s teams.

Other countries have made strides toward equal pay but have not leveled FIFA’s unequal payouts. For example, in Australia, the men’s and women’s teams receive the same percentage of the World Cup bonuses, but the men can make much more than the women because of FIFA’s payouts.

While the new deal for the Spanish national team cites equal percentages, the RFEF did not provide specific information on what that would entail.

Spain is scheduled to kick off their Women’s Euro campaign against Finland on July 8. They will also play Germany and Denmark in the group stage.