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UNC’S Katie Hoeg among players selected in Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse Draft


Athletes Unlimited’s first-ever Lacrosse College Draft concluded on Tuesday, with 13 NCAA players selected.

Draftees include four-time All-American Katie Hoeg of UNC and Maryland defender Lizzie Colson.

Other drafted athletes include Angie Benson of Virginia Tech University, Molly Garrett of the University of Michigan, Asa Goldstock of Syracuse University, Ally Kennedy of Stony Brook University, Lindsey McKone of Northwestern University, Kerrigan Miller of USC, Sammy Mueller of the University of Virginia, Alyssa Parrella of Hofstra University, Ella Simkins of Syracuse University, Kayla Wood of UNC and Catie Woodruff of UNC.

The draftees are invited to participate in the Athletes Unlimited 30-game, month-long season starting July 23 in Boyds, Maryland.