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USWNT defender Emily Fox wants to show she ‘deserves’ World Cup spot

(Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile via Getty Images)

Emily Fox wants to prove she belongs at the 2023 World Cup with the U.S. women’s national team, but she is taking her preparation “day by day.”

When asked if she feels stressed, the 24-year-old USWNT and North Carolina Courage defender told “Snacks” co-hosts Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams that she is more focused on what she can control.

“I guess you could say stressed,” she said. “I’m a big believer in just taking it day by day, game by game. The national team and how things are, we have a huge break right now. So I think for me it’s like: How can I show that I deserve to be on the team, through these games? And how can I keep getting better?”

As the USWNT moves into a new generation of stars, Fox is trying to lead by example, particularly for the USWNT players coming up in the ranks, she said. While she might not be in constant communication with all of her teammates, she is always ready to support them.

“I’m someone who, if you don’t talk to me for like a year, we can pick back off where we left like nothing happened,” she said.

Another way she shows her leadership has come in the offseason, during which Fox set up a training schedule with several of her teammates in California to stay sharp and ensure they were all working together to get better at their game.

“In terms of being a leader, I think I lead probably more through example when I’m with the girls,” she said. “We go to coffee and it is kind of that time where we get to separate from the stress of being in camp.”