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83 percent of U.S. athletes are vaccinated


Nearly 600 athletes have reported their health histories to the USOPC and among them, 83 percent have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Not all 613 U.S. Olympic team members have submitted their health histories, which contain the vaccination information. Even with 83 percent of athletes being vaccinated, over 100 athletes will compete in the Olympics without having taken the shot.

The USOPC maintains that they are “happy” with the number seeing that it outpaces the overall U.S. population’s – which currently sits at 56.4 percent of the population having received at least one dose.

Despite the vaccination rates amongst the U.S. athletes, as well as the rest of the athlete population which is expected to be at 85 percent, athletes are being treated as though they are unvaccinated. It’s an extra precaution being taken to ensure the safety of the Games.

“The entire delegation from the United States, but also every athlete and staff member, volunteer — everybody within Tokyo 2020 — is being treated as if they’re unvaccinated,” USOPC Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Finnoff told the Washington post. “And I think that’s the safest way of treating this Olympics. The best thing to do is to assume everybody is at risk.”