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A Mia Hamm rookie card is now the most expensive women’s sports card ever

David Madison/Getty Images

She may be done playing soccer, but Mia Hamm isn’t done breaking records.

A PSA 10 Mia Hamm 1992 S.I. for Kids rookie card sold for $34,440 over the weekend. According to ESPN, that amount nearly doubles the previous record for the most expensive women’s sports card.

The rookie card is from a 1992 edition of S.I. for Kids that appeared following Hamm’s first FIFA Women’s World Cup appearance in 1991. The previous record was held by an Alex Morgan card that reportedly sold for $16,000. A Serena Williams rookie card also brought in $14,000 a few months back.

Sports cards have seen an uptick in sales in recent years, including in the women’s sports market. The results also indicate a growing interest in soccer in the United States.

“It validates that there’s a legitimate market for women’s sports,” Goldin Auctions founder Ken Goldin told ESPN. “Four years ago, soccer was not considered by most (trading card) people in the United States. But two of the five highest-priced items in this auction were soccer-related (and) then you have Mia Hamm up there, too.”