A’ja Wilson on 2020 semis: ‘hardest five games I’ve played’ in WNBA

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The WNBA playoffs are in full swing, and in honor of the league’s postseason, A’ja Wilson and Napheesa Collier are going back in time to the 2020 “Wubble.”

The key to playoff success, according to Wilson? Consistency.

“The biggest thing is just being consistent for 40 minutes,” says Wilson on the Tea with A & Phee podcast.

“The talent is so good this year,” says Wilson, adding, “it’s anybody’s ballgame right now.”

Collier says, “there’s no excuses anymore” in the postseason, and mistakes typically tolerated in the regular season are simply unacceptable during the playoffs.

“You have to be able to put everything that you’ve learned the entire season into those games,” says Collier. “I look at it like a cumulative final exam,” adds Wilson.

Entering the 2020 Playoffs as the No.1 seed, Wilson says she learned a lot about postseason basketball during last year’s semifinals.

“I felt like when we got to the bubble as a new team, we didn’t have a clue that that’s really what it is like. Things that we shouldn’t have done in the beginning in the season we should have no reason to still be doing them now.”

Those mistakes, according to Wilson, catch up to you, adding, “when you play a Seattle that’s been to the Finals multiple times, that know how to win in different parts of the game, it’s hard to beat.”

Before reaching the 2020 Finals, where the Storm swept the Aces, Wilson and Las Vegas had to take out the Connecticut Sun.

“Those five games with Conn had to be the hardest five games I’ve played in the W.”

Wilson admits that she and the team left it all out on the court in their semifinals series against Sun, leaving little in the tank for the finals. Despite the tough loss, Wilson still looks back on her “Wubble” journey fondly, admitting, “you live for those moments.”

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