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Ally signs on as first official NWSLPA partner following inaugural CBA

(Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images)

Ally is broadening its sponsorship of the NWSL, signing on as the first official partner of the NWSL Players Association.

Tuesday’s announcement comes just days after the ratification of the NWSL’s inaugural collective bargaining agreement, a deal struck between the league and the NWSLPA.

In its first move as a partner to the Players Association, the digital financial services company contributed to the Support the Players National Emergency Trust (NET).  In the coming weeks, Ally plans to launch their own campaign to publicize the Trust, which was established to support NWSL players in crisis and assist with financial hardships. Ally pledges to match any donations to the NET up to $25,000, helping the NWSLPA achieve their first-quarter goal.

“Working to bridge economic, racial and gender gaps to help individuals pursue their dreams is part of the fabric of Ally,” said Andrea Brimmer, chief marketing and public relations officer at Ally, in the company’s statement, “This relationship will not only help elevate the profile of the Players Association as it strives to achieve its goals, but also provide significant support to the players themselves as they push forward and continue to break barriers.”

According to Ally and the Players Association, the partnership has already allowed the NWSLPA to hire additional staff needed to help the union support over 250 NWSL players.

“Ally’s support for the NWSLPA at this moment in time is vital to the sustainability and longevity of players’ careers, which is linked to the growth of the league,” said Meghann Burke, executive director of the NWSLPA, “Partnering with Ally is a perfect synergy of missions, and we’ve already made a lot of progress. The ability to expand our team will deepen our impact with Ally’s support.”

The NWSL and NWSLPA’s CBA includes a 160% increase in the league’s minimum salary to $35,000, minimum standards for housing stipends and a plan for free agency starting in 2023.