Angel City FC responds to disapproval over presumptive head coach


The response to the report that Angel City FC would be hiring Sean Nahas as its head coach was swift and fierce.

It led Angel City FC to release a statement Friday that the head coaching search is “ongoing” and, ultimately, the choice “will be the right one for Angel City FC.”

Prior to Angel City’s response, the Rebellion 99, an independent supporters group unaffiliated with the team, tweeted out a photo with possible female head coaching candidates.

Another supporters group, AC Pandemonium, had the following to say:

Kaiya McCullough, former UCLA star and current FC Würzburger Kickers defender, also tweeted her “unpopular opinion.”

“We don’t need more men coaching women at the highest level,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Gal Pal Sports called the choice of the potential hiring “so very ordinary.”

The Athletic’s Meg Linehan — who first reported the news — tweeted in response to Angel City’s statement, saying that she “100%” stands by her reporting, but it’s clear “the reaction was strong enough to it that we are now here.”