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AU Softball: Carrie Eberle allows no runs through nine innings

(Jade Hewitt/Athletes Unlimited)

The third season of Athletes Unlimited softball kicked off over the weekend with plenty of action as teams traded wins and runs.

Carrie Eberle emerged as the opening week’s top player with 452 points to top the leaderboard. She’s followed closely by Sahvanna Jaquish (438), Dejah Mulipola (432), and Kelsey Harshman (366).

Anissa Urtez was tied for the weekend’s best batter, with five runs scored on four hits in eight at bats. She had two home runs – including the first of the season – as did Mulipola and Jaquish. Joining her with five runs was Morgan Zerkle, who had five runs on five hits.

Defending champion Aleshia Ocasio picked up right where she left off in the circle, with a 1.40 ERA through 10 innings pitched. She also recorded 10 strikeouts, second only to Taylor McQuillin, who recorded 11 strikeouts through 6.1 innings. Ocasio currently sits 10th on the leaderboard with 330 points.

After being named Rookie of the Year last season, Eberle was a stalwart in her return. Through nine innings pitched in three appearances, Eberle allowed no runs and had eight strikeouts. She won MVP 1 for the first game of the season and racked up 208 points to help drive her ascent to the top of the leaderboard.

Final scores:

Friday, July 29:

  • Team Eberle 4, Team Chidester 3
  • Team Ocasio 2, Team Zerkle 4

Saturday, July 30:

  • Team Zerkle 5, Team Chidester 6
  • Team Eberle 1, Team Ocasio 0

Sunday, July 31:

  • Team Zerkle 9, Team Eberle 3
  • Team Chidester 3, Team Ocasio 5