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Dawn Staley says USWNT documentary inspired contract negotiations

Ben Solomon/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

South Carolina head coach Dawn Staley stopped by Good Morning America Monday to discuss her new contract.

“It’s a great day for gender equity,” she said. “I think this is a step in the right direction. This is the university and the athletics department, to step up and be leaders in this area and hopefully this is just a stepping stone to what the rest of the country can look like.”

Staley also recognizes the fact that the $22 million she fought for will pull people into the sport as she continues to make headlines for her massive contract. The seven-year deal makes her one of the highest-paid coaches in women’s basketball.

“I fought for it because, I don’t think we do anything different than any male coach around the country and our program has sustained success,” she continued. “There are women who don’t get the opportunity to earn what they deserve.”

She also credits the USWNT’s recent documentary “LFG” as something that helped her to push for more in contract negotiations.

“I watched it and it gave me the strength that I needed to keep pushing through,” she said. “It’s our time in women’s sports and women in general it’s our time. I think now this is going to become a popular right thing to do.

“I hope it becomes the norm.”