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Duke player’s middle fingers add to odd women’s soccer trend

The college soccer season is here. (Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)

College soccer is bringing a taste of the NWSL to the field.

In their ACC tournament semifinal matchup Thursday, Duke and UNC were locked in a scoreless tie. Duke player Maggie Graham took down UNC’s Talia Dellaperuta, who shoved her in retaliation. In response, Graham showed two middle fingers to her opponent.

As a result of the double bird, Graham received a red card and was removed from the match.

It was, according to head coach Robbie Church, the first red card issued to Duke during his 22-year tenure.

The game later advanced to penalties, which the No. 1 seed Tar Heels won 7-6.

North Carolina will now face off against Florida State in Sunday’s championship game.

Graham is not the first women’s soccer player to face consequences from such a gesture this year.

In September, the Washington Spirit’s Amber Brooks was suspended and fined for flipping the double bird at a referee during a game. Two weeks later, Chicago’s Bianca St. Georges issued a similar response to a referee and was issued a red card.