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Gunny Jónsdóttir’s Childhood Idol? Eminem, Of Course

Tim Clayton/Getty Images

Episode three of Off the Ball with Ali Riley features friend, teammate and Nordic Queen Gunny Jónsdóttir. 

While Jónsdóttir was born in Iceland, she spent some of her childhood in Philadelphia. 

“We lived in Philadelphia. I wanted to be the next Eminem, yet the next Alan Iverson,” Jónsdóttir says. But after trying out basketball, she quickly turned to rapping, “I decided rapping would be my way in.”

Turns out soccer had other plans. But just how big of an idol was Eminem for the Orlando Pride midfielder? She reveals to Riley that her email as a kid was [email protected]. The rapper is even her third biggest inspiration behind her mom and grandma.

Later, Jónsdóttir proves herself deserving of the “Basically Up For Whatever Gunny” nickname, as the two get in some singing practice for the Eurovision song contest (fair warning for anyone wearing headphones to turn the volume down). They also practice a new tandem plank before giving both the audience and Riley an opportunity to learn some Icelandic.

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