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Juventus women’s team apologizes for racist tweet


The Juventus women’s soccer team is in hot water after posting an extremely racist tweet on Thursday from the team’s official Twitter account.

The tweet, which featured an image of a Juventus women’s player — Italian defender Cecilia Salvai — making a slanted-eye gesture while wearing an orange training cone as a hat, was up for about 20 minutes before it was deleted.

The tweet containing the racist image did not share any information other than three emojis which seemed to replicate the offensive gesture in the photo.

After a stream of outrage on social media, the Juventus Twitter account issued an apology saying: “We sincerely apologise that our tweet, which was not meant to cause controversy or have any racial undertones, may have offended anyone. Juventus has always been against racism and discrimination. #DifferencesMakeTheDifference”

On Friday, Juventus released a second statement on their official website which read: “We would like to express our deepest apologies for the social post that read as racially discriminatory content on the Juventus Women’s Football Twitter account yesterday.”

“Juventus immediately realised that the Club had committed an unforgivable mistake, and this mistake has seriously hurt the feelings of all people who oppose racial discrimination.”

“For such a mistake, the Club assumes full responsibility for the occurrence of the incident and its serious impact. Opposing racial discrimination and supporting the common development of multiple cultures are the principles that Juventus as a Club has always adhered to and continues to put into practice.”

“Juventus acknowledges this mistake, and the Club will make the most profound reflection and thorough review to prevent similar things from happening again.”