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Kristie Mewis ‘would give up’ her career for Sam Mewis to play again

Sam and Kristie Mewis played together for the USWNT at the 2021 Olympics. (Elsa/Getty Images)

Kristie Mewis, 32, would give anything to see her younger sister, fellow U.S. women’s national team player Sam Mewis, 31, play again.

During the new Netflix docuseries “Under Pressure,” which chronicles the USWNT’s 2023 World Cup journey, Mewis discussed her sister’s knee injury. Sam Mewis has been dealing with a “really serious” cartilage injury on and off since 2017, and while she and Kristie won a bronze medal together at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, Sam has not played for the USWNT since then.

“Sam, my sister, is just the best. I just look up to her so much on and off the field,” Kristie said. “… Sam played on a career-ending injury for four years. She’s like an anomaly, honestly. I think a lot of doctors and people have said that she’ll never play again, but I think she’ll play again.”

Sam also spoke about her injury in the series, noting that she wasn’t thinking “about myself right now when it comes to the World Cup.” Instead, the 2019 World Cup champion focused on supporting her sister, who was making her World Cup debut.

“I have been dealing with this injury for a long time,” she said. “I’m just excited to see the roster, to cheer Kristie on, obviously cheer my other friends on, I’m really close with Lynn [Williams].”

Sam underwent knee surgery in January 2023, which she described as “a big deal” on the “Snacks” podcast. The surgery placed cartilage donor grafts in her knee, which she called a “really difficult decision.” The hope is to “get as healthy as possible” and get her knee back “as good as it can get.”

“Me and my sister will always be on each other’s team. My success is her success, vice versa, I’ve always felt like that,” Kristie said. “So I think it’s obviously probably really hard for her to watch me and watch the team that she should be on. But I think at the end of the day, like we’re blood and we’re just always going to be on each other’s team.

“I would literally do anything for her to have her career back. I’d give up mine if I could.”