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Maya Moore still has ‘it,’ but won’t return to WNBA

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Maya Moore might be mum on her return to basketball, but according to husband Jonathan Irons, the 2014 league MVP still “got it.”

“I see her all the time. We have a basketball hoop in the back of the house,” he told The Associated Press. “She’s still got it. She made a trick shot from her mama’s bedroom to the goal. She still shoots from deep and will shoot your lights out.”

But Moore, who left the WNBA in 2019 to help Irons win his release, still has no definitive return date when it comes to the WNBA.

“I’m not thinking about that at all right now,” she said. “This whole thing has been so unexpected. When Jonathan got home it was like OK, now the rest can start in a way. That’s what we’ve been doing. The story is unfolding still. This is where we’re at right now, living in the present.”

The documentary of their story — “Breakaway” produced by Robin Roberts — will air July 13 on ESPN. Moore will also be accepting the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs next week.