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NWSL CBA takeaways: Performance bonuses, All-Star game and more

(Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

The NWSL Players Association released the entire NWSL collective bargaining agreement on its website Monday night, allowing NWSL onlookers access to the landmark document.

In February, the NWSLPA ratified the league’s first-ever CBA in conjunction with the NWSL.

Highlights from the agreement include the potential for an NWSL All-Star game.

If the league elects to hold an All-Star game in a future season, it will name at least one team of 18 players, according to the CBA. Those participating in the event will be classified as All-Stars and eligible for an All-Star bonus, which will amount to at least $2,000.

In addition to a potential All-Star bonus, the document stipulates other performance-based bonuses, including for team accomplishments and individual awards. The NWSL Shield winners and NWSL championship winners will receive bonuses of at least $5,000, and regular-season individual honors will be worth at least that amount.

Under the new agreement, players will also be allowed to negotiate a no-trade clause in their contract and will now be protected by four weeks of severance and 30 days of housing should they be cut from a club.

The entire CBA is available to read on the NWSLPA website.