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NWSL Commissioner Lisa Baird says NWSL salaries have more than doubled since 2019


In a call with the media on Wednesday, NWSL commissioner Lisa Baird revealed that total player compensation has more than doubled since 2019.

According to Baird, the average total compensation – including salaries, health care and other benefits – sits at around $52,502.

She also addressed officiating within the league, stating that the NWSL is looking into options that would improve the refereeing. This comes on the heels of criticism by both players and coaches over the league’s referees.

“We need officiating in our league that matches the talent of the players on the pitch,” she said. “I don’t think anyone is satisfied right now.”

More specifically, the league is looking into creating a technical director who would work with PRO. They’re also taking a “serious look” at investing in VAR.

Baird also expects free agency to come up at some point with the next collective bargaining agreement, noting that the league is at the point where it’s “inevitable.” However, there is still no clear cut timeline on the process.

In regards to the NWSL championship site, Baird revealed the league would once again be using a predetermined site.

“There are a number of interested teams putting together proposals,” she said, adding that the league hopes to announce something “in the coming weeks.”