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NWSL sets schedule release date amid complaints from players

(Kyle Ross/USA TODAY Sports)

The NWSL will release the schedule for the 2023 season on Wednesday.

The announcement came Monday after several big-name players, including U.S. women’s national team stars Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan, questioned the wait for the league calendar. The season is set to start March 25.

Indeed, the NWSL’s reveal echoed Rapinoe’s own post calling for the schedule. The OL Reign forward had posted a graphic of a “Missing” notice on a milk carton for the NWSL schedule.

“Please call the players if found,” read the text stamped at the bottom of the carton.

The NWSL repurposed the milk carton graphic, changing it to say the schedule had been “FOUND” and would be “dropping Feb. 8.”

The schedule did not arrive until March 16 of last year, but the 2022 season did not start until April 29. So the timeframe for the schedule release is almost identical between the two seasons: The 2022 schedule came 44 days before the opening match, as compared to 45 days in 2023.

Morgan sympathized with fans clamoring for the schedule in a conversation with CBS Sports last week.

“I know the schedule hasn’t come out yet, which everyone’s like wondering where the heck the schedule is. So am I,” she joked.

Still, the San Diego Wave forward did point out that the NWSL has to accommodate the World Cup in the schedule to allow some of the league’s star players to juggle both league and international duties.

“But I am really hopeful that, you know, in the summer when the World Cup is going on, there is somewhat of a break from the regular season, and that’s when Challenge Cup really takes over,” she continued. “Because for me personally, I don’t want to miss a lot of games with San Diego. I also don’t think that fans should have to choose between watching an NWSL game and a World Cup game. And I think obviously, rosters are going to be depleted during the summer, and so I don’t know what’s gonna go on, but I really hope that that’s the case.”