Off the Ball with Ali Riley launches third season with new flavor

Football Player Ali Riley/ JWS

The third season of Off the Ball is here, with host Ali Riley in a new location with some new teammates set to join the show.

The first two seasons featured Riley in Orlando with teammates from the Pride. This season, however, Riley will be stationed in Los Angeles, where she was traded to Angel City FC during the offseason.

Being in LA now at home, having these new teammates on this exciting expansion team, I think it’s going to be such a fun season, fun locations, very unique challenges,” Riley said. “We’ve definitely leveled up with all the challenges, and it’s such a cool way for people to get to know this club and these awesome players, my teammates.”

Riley says she’s learned a lot through the first two seasons of the show, be it the art of goalkeeping or new weightlifting exercises. But the most important — and the most fun — part has been learning more about her teammates.

“I think our interviews, even though they’re fun, it’s also really intimate to have two colleagues, two friends, sit down like this,” she said. “People are genuinely interested in women’s sports and women athletes, and there is absolutely space for this and a desire to see this. Just seeing the growth of the brand of Just Women’s Sports itself makes me really proud to be a part of it, and just seeing the support coming from all over the world.”

Past interviews include Alex Morgan — who also made the move to California with San Diego Wave FC — and Sydney Leroux.

The show gives the players a different medium in which to show who they are to the world. With a series of interesting questions and exciting challenges, players are challenged in new ways.

This season will continue to introduce new players to fans everywhere, with “outside of the box” thinking resulting in unique challenges and new locations. Additionally, with more experience under her belt, Riley says she feels more comfortable than ever.

“I think these episodes will be surprising, in terms of some of the challenges,” she said. “Also, I think it’s just really cool to have the support of the club and get to know maybe not just players but some other important people featured as well.”