Prediction games offer fresh way to engage with women’s sports

(Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images)

While the gamification of men’s sports has grown into a lucrative industry, women’s sports often get left out in the cold.

Gaming Society, however, is out to change that. The new sports betting content and gaming platform has announced a partnership with the WNBA to create the Bet On Women Predictor Game, released Tuesday.

Available at, the free-to-play game gives fans the opportunity to play for prizes by answering WNBA-related questions through the remainder of the 2022 season.

The launch is a part of Gaming Society’s Bet On Women initiative with the WNBPA, which looks to support women’s sports through the development of the betting industry.

“There’s a massive opportunity to use gamification to innovate and deepen fan engagement in women’s sports,” said Marissa Coleman, a former WNBA player and Gaming Society’s vice president of business development. “Gamification is proven to be a driver for more engagement and viewership in sports so the category presents an exciting opportunity to increase visibility and shed light on the journeys, stories and highlights of the incredible players in the WNBA.”

Just Women’s Sports also has gotten in on games, launching Just Women’s Sports Pick and Play with Facebook. The game invites women’s sports fans to make predictions on upcoming basketball games, soccer matches, golf tournaments and more.

Five new questions are posted every Tuesday afternoon, and fans can take take their best guesses on the upcoming weekend’s events. The game is available via the Facebook app.