PWHPA continuing development of league without NHL backing


The Professional Women’s Hockey Players’ Association is continuing its bid to establish an economically sustainable professional league in North America.

For now, they plan to do so without the NHL’s full financial backing. 

The move comes in response to a Sportsnet report that the NHL was “not in a position to operate a women’s league in the foreseeable future.”

PWHPA executive Jayna Hefford wrote in an email to The Associated Press that they have begun developing “a parallel path for a future that doesn’t rely on NHL support.”

“We aren’t focusing on who doesn’t want to partner with us. We are excited about aligning our passion with those who do,” Hefford wrote late Thursday.

“We all knew there was a possibility that we would need to chart our own path, and we have not been simply just waiting,” she wrote. “We are energized and excited to chart our own path forward.”

Additionally, Hefford said she has had discussions with the NWHL about formulating a joint plan for the two leagues. While the NWHL declined to comment, they have confirmed that such talks have taken place.

The PWHPA is currently playing in St. Louis before moving on to the Canadian leg of its Dream Gap Tour.