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PWHPA joins with Billie Jean King Enterprises in plans for new league

(Justin Berl/Getty Images)

The PWHPA has entered into a relationship with Billie Jean King Enterprises and The Mark Walter Group in efforts to launch a new professional women’s hockey league, according to The Athletic.

The groups have signed a preliminary agreement to work together toward their common goal, according to the report. PWHPA players were made aware of the agreement Tuesday night.

Both King and Ilana Kloss, her longtime partner and the CEO of BJK Enterprises, have experience running sports organizations. The Walter Group is headed by Mark Walter, who is the controlling owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and has a net worth of around $3.8 billion, according to Forbes.

Larry Scott, the former Pac 12 commissioner and chairman and CEO of the WTA, has been tabbed to lead the development of the league alongside Kloss.

While details of the league have not been finalized, players along with consultants have outlined a six-team league with 23-player rosters and three coaches, a 32-game schedule played from January through April, a four-team playoff and a minimum salary of $35,000. The proposed league-average salary sits at $55,000. Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek first reported these details.

Previously, the PWHPA had turned down the idea of combining with the PHF to form a single women’s professional league.