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Racing Louisville’s firing of Christy Holly: ‘happened quickly’ and possibly linked to something illegal


New details have emerged after Racing Louisville fired head coach Christy Holly on Tuesday, terminating his contract “for cause.”

Racing Louisville’s executive Vice President of Development James O’Connor spoke with the media Thursday, revealing that the firing “happened pretty quickly.” He added that it was “really disappointing, but it was a situation that we had to act swiftly.”

When asked if the termination was linked to anything illegal, O’Connor wasn’t quick to shut down the possibility.

“A great question,” he said. “I don’t know whether I’d say illegal, I don’t know, that’s a subjective viewpoint, if you like.

“I’ll plead the fifth. I’ll take the attorney line on that.”

Players reportedly learned of Holly’s termination around 9:15 p.m. on Tuesday.

Captain Michelle Betos also spoke with the media, saying that she hasn’t thought much about playing for Holly again.

“I don’t know if that situation will ever come up,” she said. “So I haven’t really given it much thought, to be honest.”