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Pro triathlete ‘not shy’ about responding to period photo

Emma Pallant-Browne opened up about competing while on her period. (Patrick McDermott/Getty Images for IRONMAN)

Pro triathlete Emma Pallant-Browne is speaking out about competing while on her period.

The No. 7-ranked triathlete in the world, Pallant-Browne is receiving widespread praise for her response after an Instagram commenter criticized a photo of her that showed a menstrual blood stain.

“Not the most flattering pic… surely you can crop it a bit better,” said the commenter, in reference to a photo posted by the PTO European Open in Ibiza.

“Thanks for caring but definitely something I’m not shy to talk about because it’s the reality of females in sport,” Pallant-Browne responded. “My period comes over a month in between and there will be one day where it is super heavy, I pray it won’t be race day but every now and then it is. No matter what tampon I have experimented with, for anything over three hours it’s too heavy.

“So just as someone might get gut issues in a race I have to suck it up and give what I have and not be afraid to talk to women who have the same problem.”

The response has struck a chord with many athletes who deal with similar issues, who have praised Pallant-Browne’s honesty.

“I literally just posted a story about my race performance yesterday and the impact of time of month,” wrote fellow triathlete Renee Kiley. “Totally need to normalize conversations about it because it really shouldn’t be awkward or a huge deal at all. Just part of life.”

Paralympian Stef Reid echoed those sentiments, writing, “We see photos of athletes all the time with bruises and blood. Why should this one draw shame?”