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WNBA player Brianna Turner defends trans women in sports

"In reality a lot of y'all could care less about the future of women in sport, you just don't like the idea of trans women," the Phoenix Mercury forward wrote. (Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images)

Phoenix Mercury forward Brianna Turner took to Twitter to defend transgender athletes’ participation in sports, while also calling out the people who are attacking such participation in the name of protecting women’s sports.

“With so many people interested in the well-being of women’s sports recently, I can’t wait to see an outpouring of new WNBA fans this summer!!! Or are you guys only concerned when it comes to trans inclusion?” she wrote Monday.

On April 5, Kansas became the latest state to impose a ban on transgender athletes from girls’ and women’s sports, from the kindergarten through the college level. Kansas state legislature overrode Gov. Laura Kelly’s veto to enact the ban.

Nineteen other states have imposed such restrictions, with Wyoming handing down its own ban just before Kansas.

Turner called it “hilarious” that such politicians who make these policies are doing so in the name of “protecting” women’s sports “yet have never bothered to attend or watch women’s sports in their lives.”

“They assume trans women are inherently superior to cis women,” she continued, noting that she supports trans inclusion in sport and is not “afraid” of transgender women being included in sport.

“Just irks me when people disguise their transphobia as caring for women’s athletics because in reality a lot of y’all could care less about the future of women in sport, you just don’t like the idea of trans women.

“I don’t support this fake outrage directed at the minuscule percentage of trans athletes. How about creating policy that would actually be beneficial?”

Through research of her own, Turner found “dozens of scholarly articles” that showcase how transgender women on hormones don’t hold an athletic advantage, she said.

“Day one you’ll scream, ‘Support women’s sports by excluding trans women.’ Yet by day two it’s, ‘Your muscles look manly. Women’s basketball is boring. You aren’t profitable,’” she wrote. “So fraudulent it’s sickening! Please stop advocating for women’s athletics to purely fit your hypocritical narrative.”