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World Anti-Doping Agency reviewing marijuana ban after Sha’Carri Richardson saga

(Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

The World Anti-Doping Agency has made plans to review cannabis’ status as a banned substance, they announced Tuesday.

The move comes following U.S. 100-meter champion Sha’Carri Richardson’s positive test that caused her to lose her spot at the Tokyo Olympics.

An advisory group will conduct a scientific study, set to take place in 2022, to review whether or not marijuana should remain banned. In the meantime, the drug will remain on the banned substance list.

“Following receipt of requests from a number of stakeholders, the (executive committee) endorsed the decision of the List Expert Advisory Group to initiate in 2022 a scientific review of the status of cannabis,” WADA said in a statement.

Much of the criticism surrounding the ban revolves around the fact that the drug is legal or decriminalized in multiple U.S. states and in countries around the world, including in Oregon where Richardson tested positive. Additional arguments have been made that it is not a performance enhancer.