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Kansas City Current unveils new $18 million training facility

Amy Kontras/ISI Photos/Getty Images

The Kansas City Current unveiled their new soccer facility on Tuesday, which is believed to be the first women’s professional soccer specific facility in the world.

At $18 million, the facility was funded by team owners Chris and Angie Long and Brittany Mahomes.

The complex includes cardio and recovery areas as well as a training table that includes a high performance chef that utilizes locally-sourced ingredients on the menu. There are also two soccer pitches alongside a FIFA-approved turf pitch.

“From the moment we purchased the team, we knew these elite athletes deserved world-class facilities to call their own,” co-owner Angie Long said. “In less than one year since breaking ground, our training complex is open. It’s a true ‘home away from home’ for our players — a space designed exclusively for them.”

Designed by Generator Studio, it was built by a female-owned construction company, Monarch Build.

On the most recent episode of Snacks, Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams discussed the new facilities alongside teammate Desiree Scott. Scott has been a member of the NWSL since 2013, when she played with FC Kansas City. She then spent some time in Utah with the Utah Royals before having her playing rights transferred to the Current.

“Love to see where the women’s game is at now, especially here in Kansas City,” Scott said. “It’s taken leaps and bounds of improvements. To be here in 2013 when it all began, we were playing on high school fields, no locker room. I didn’t mind our game field, but it wasn’t up to par of what you would want as a professional. But as women players, we make the best of the situations because we love the game.

“But, now to be here with our current ownership, the potential of what’s to come with our own training facility, our own locker room, our own stadium, it’s just incredible. I wish I was 10 years younger, just starting my career to be a part of this because it is so incredible to see where the game is going not only on the field but the investment that’s coming into it off the field.”

The hardest part was watching the facility being built day-by-day and not being able to use it. But the excitement is there, with everything being in one location. Now, players will have a place to train all year round and won’t have to worry about moving back and forth between cities.

“It actually feels a lot like England to me, having a facility like that,” added Mewis. “And it’s all ours, which is crazy.”