Sports world reacts to NWSL’s landmark CBA

(Randy Litzinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The NWSL and the NWSLPA announced Monday that they had ratified the league’s first-ever CBA, with the support pouring in on Twitter from players, coaches and more.

Yael Averbuch West, who was one of the players who helped initially launch the NWSLPA in 2017, called it a “coming of age” for women’s professional soccer in the United States. West was a major leader of the NWSLPA. She later joined the NWSL’s CBA Committee after being named general manager of NJ/NY Gotham FC.

“It’s not The League vs. The Players,” she wrote. “The relationship is symbiotic and as one entity strengthens, it strengthens the whole.

“We cannot have a successful and powerful NWSL without successful and powerful players.”

OL Reign’s Bethany Balcer said that she’s “proud of everything” in the CBA. She then added that the six months of paid mental health leave “hits home” because “it means players don’t have to be forced to show up everyday when they feel the weight of anxiety and depression.”

Gotham FC head coach Scott Parkinson said he “couldn’t be more proud” of everyone involved in the negotiations.

“It’s a great day for our sport, our players and our league. For today and many years to come.”

The PHF Players’ Association called it a “historic accomplishment.”

“Thank you for continuing the fight towards equity and for all you’ve accomplished thus far!”

Goalkeeper Michelle Betos called it “an honor of all the players that have come before us” while adding that it “might’ve been the best thing we could ever do for the next generation of women in this game.”

OL Reign’s Nikki Stanton said that it has “been a long time coming.”

The WNBPA thanked the NWSLPA for their efforts, saying “we are proud of your commitment & resolve.”