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Racing Louisville won’t share why Christy Holly was fired

(Jesse Louie/Just Women's Sports)

Racing Louisville is standing by their decision not to reveal the reason behind former head coach Christy Holly’s dismissal.

Louisville captain Michelle Betos told the media after the team’s loss to the North Carolina Courage on Wednesday night that the players agreed with the approach.

“That’s not something we’re willing to talk about,” she said. “I know the entire world is looking for transparency from our club, and I think that will come in time. I think you guys should have trust in that.”

Racing Louisville fired Holly in early September “for cause.” While the club has not indicated what that means, vice president of development James O’Connor said later that it “happened pretty quickly.”

He also did not dismiss the possibility of the termination being linked to something illegal, choosing to “plead the fifth.”

Mario Sanchez has served as interim head coach since Holly’s departure.

“Right now, from a player perspective, I will tell you that no matter what it looks like to the outside, they’re protecting the players,” Betos said. “Our movement is to protect the players. It may not make sense right now, but it will soon.

“But regardless, they are protecting the players, and we stand behind our club.”

The NWSL Players Association said in a statement Friday that it backs Racing Louisville’s decision to keep the matter private.

“As the PA, media and fans all demand greater transparency from the league, we ask that they continue to understand that player safety will always be at the forefront,” the statement read.

Holly is one of four NWSL coaches to be fired this season under precarious or controversial circumstances. Last week, The Athletic detailed allegations of sexual coercion and emotional abuse by former North Carolina Courage coach Paul Riley. In the days since, Riley was fired and the NWSL, FIFA and US Soccer have each opened investigations into the league.