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Racing Louisville’s Michelle Betos praises interim coach after Christy Holly firing


Michelle Betos has high praise for Mario Sanchez, who was named interim head coach of Racing Louisville following the firing of Christy Holly.

“He’s super open to questions which we really appreciate,” Betos told the media Thursday. “Obviously during this time we’re gonna have a lot. He’s handled that really well. No ego, no anything.”

She added that his motto when it comes to approaching games has been to “‘go ‘effing win this’.”

But as Sanchez settles into his new role, more details have emerged about Holly’s firing, with Vice President of Development James O’Connor revealing the firing “happened pretty quickly.” He also did not dismiss that the firing could have been related to something illegal.

Racing Louisville is back in action on Saturday against the OL Reign at 7:30 p.m. ET.