USWNT players share their summer reading recommendations

(Jesse Louie/JWS)

The U.S. women’s national soccer team gave out summer reading recommendations, with the team posting players’ suggestions on social media ahead of the Concacaf W Championship.

Sophia Smith is the team’s resident literary buff, persuading her teammates to read Colleen Hoover, a prolific adult fiction author who has gained popularity on TikTok.

“I’ve basically made everyone on the team read Colleen Hoover,” Smith said.

Trinity Rodman, while admitting that she is not quite as prolific a reader as Smith, had her own recommendation to share.

“I’ve read one book since I’ve been introduced to Soph,” Rodman said. “It’s called The Newcomer.”

Andi Sullivan took her literary advice from Sam Mewis, reading Maria Konnikova’s The Biggest Bluff at the star midfielder’s suggestion, while Rose Lavelle is returning to an old standby in the “A Series of Unfortunate Events.”

“Wait, you’re reading that again?” Midge Purce said to Lavelle.

While most of the team listed off their page-turners, several players opted for binging Netflix instead.

“I’m binging Gossip Girl for the 16th time,” said Lindsey Horan, while Kristie Mewis suggested Love Island UK as must-watch TV.