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Racing Louisville FC to provide fertility preservation services for players


Racing Louisville FC announced Tuesday that they have partnered with Kentucky Fertility Institute to provide complimentary fertility preservation services for their players.

It’s the first agreement of its kind in the NWSL.

Among the services being offered are egg freezing, embryo freezing and long-term storage. According to the team’s release, “the partnership gives Racing’s players the flexibility to start a family with minimal interruption to careers on the pitch, either via surrogacy or personal use upon retirement.”

“From Day 1, Racing Louisville has been about raising the bar in women’s soccer,” said club president Brad Estes. “From facilities to nutrition to general day-to-day support, we are committed to giving these athletes everything they need to succeed and enjoy life. We are very proud to announce this groundbreaking partnership with Kentucky Fertility Institute.”

“Women’s professional athletes have long been burdened with an excruciating choice of continuing their finite careers or taking time off — sometimes retiring — to start a family,” added Brynn Sebring, Louisville’s director of player experience. “With the Kentucky Fertility Institute’s help, Racing Louisville has effectively eliminated the financial burden of an alternate solution, allowing our athletes a choice few other players have.”

The club joins the WNBA in providing fertility services for women. Just last month, Nneka Ogwumike and the WNBA Players Association announced a partnership with Modern Fertility to bring hormone testing to the league.

Racing Louisville players will be allowed to complete egg freezing in the offseason, as the procedure requires athletes go at least two weeks without training. The agreement will also cover storage fees for players who use the preservation services but end up leaving the club.

“Professional athletes shouldn’t have to choose between their careers and their plans for a family,“ said Dr. Robert Hunter, who founded and directs Kentucky Fertility Institute, based in Louisville’s East End. “We know this is a priority for Racing’s players and appreciate the club’s support in making these services accessible.”